Siddharta Lounge

With its breathtaking panoramic view of the skyline, the elegant, modern Siddharta Lounge is the perfect place for a picturesque sunset dinner. Exclusive white seating, gold accents and marble furnishings expertly complete the ambience. Floor-to-ceiling windows open up a magnificent view of the Dubai Marina, which beautifully sets off the lounge's location, especially in the evening. The menu features Mediterranean appetizers and dishes, but also includes a Japanese classic or two and mini burgers made with Wagyu beef. Be sure to leave room for one of the heavenly desserts. How about some delicious churros, a chocolate fondant or a tiramisu? The spacious outdoor seating area with bar provides a lovely backdrop for an evening out with friends. Secure a seat by the crystal clear pool and listen to the sounds of the in-house live DJ. The back wall is graced by an impressive vertical garden that showcases hundreds of carefully selected plants.