Porsche Centre Newcastle

The English city of Newcastle upon Tyne is home to the Porsche Center Newcastle in the northeast of England. This dealership is staffed exclusively by motivated employees who are passionate about the Porsche brand. Visitors to the dealership in Newcastle will find both high-quality new cars and quality-tested used vehicles. Porsche vehicles are already regularly parked in the wide parking lot in front of the building. Those who step through the entrance door into the showroom hall first see a bright and white facade. The entire building is designed in light colors that give a friendly impression. Already in the entrance area, there are luxury cars of the German brand, which lend themselves to a closer inspection. Time and again, visitors to the Porsche Center Newscastle come across exhibits such as tires or historical photo galleries. In the spacious exhibition hall of the Porsche Centre Newcastle there is also the Porsche Shop. Here, Porsche fans will find merchandising products ranging from a small model car to a suitcase and a Porsche bathrobe. In the office space at the back of the building, there are fabric samples, color charts and other information on Porsche technology. Seating groups in various sizes invite visitors to linger. The competent staff from the Porsche Center Newscastle are happy to assist guests with their requests.