Porsche Centre Porsche

There is a Porsche Centre in the Danish capital Copenhagen. In the spacious showroom, visitors can admire the Porsche vehicles of the modern age. First, however, guests arrive at the car park of the Porsche Centre Copenhagen, which already makes a powerful impression from outside. The showroom of the car dealership from the Danish capital is larger than average. The Porsche new cars and used vehicles are arranged next to each other at a comfortable distance, so that visitors can look at the horsepower wonders in quiet privacy. The desks of the Porsche employees are located at the edge of the building. There, visitors are welcome to question the dedicated staff and ask for their assistance in finding a car. When designing the Porsche Centre Copenhagen, the designers paid attention to detail. Time and again, there are showcases in the showroom with unique Porsche exhibits. In addition, there is the sale of the popular Porsche fan articles.