Hōseki means "gem" in Japanese and is a minimalist jewel box where guests can enjoy a unique gastronomic experience from Chef Masahiro Sugiyama. With only nine seats, dining at Hōseki is a unique omakase experience, the most traditional way to enjoy Japanese food, meaning "I leave it to you." After guests pass through a special tokonoma, or entrance room, they leave their palates to the whims of the chef. Chef Sugiyama bases his dishes on the preferences of guests sitting at the counter, as well as the freshest and best ingredients of the day, so no two meals are exactly alike - but each is an extraordinary journey into the heart of Japan's culinary tradition. The dining room overlooks the Dubai skyline, so each intimate dinner is accompanied by a glittering view. For groups, there is a private dining room that can accommodate up to twelve people.