Fairmont The Palm


Who doesn't know it - the famous Fairmont the Palm , which is an excellent example of Dubai's pioneering tourist spirit. The gigantic tower of Fairmont The Palm rises in the midst of this dreamlike backdrop. With its impressive glass cladding, the exclusive five-star resort is an eye-catcher visible from afar. What the dazzling facade promises is far surpassed by the interior design. In absolute perfection, oriental and modern influences merge into a unique design that will also amaze you. Right outside the hotel's doors, enjoy the benefits of the finest sandy beach that sparkles like thousands of diamonds under the rays of the ever-present sun. The gentle swell is balm for the soul and, bedded down on one of the comfortable loungers, will make you forget the world around you. Let your gaze glide over the fascinating beauty of the Persian Gulf and watch the lively activity in the marina. After a relaxing day, indulge in a delicious cocktail in the lounge stretching across the rooftop of Fairmont The Palm while admiring the magnificently illuminated Dubai skyline before retiring to your luxurious rooms.
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