Dolphin Bay Dubai

Dolphin Bay, located at Atlantis Palm Resort, is one of the themed water parks that offer visitors of all ages an unparalleled experience. Spread over 11 hectares with stunning green views, ponds, healthy beaches and amazing waterfalls, the destination is home to one of the most human-friendly marine mammals in the world, dolphins. The seven interconnected pools along with 3 synergistic lagoons form the most elaborate natural habitat for these warm-blooded animals. A personal encounter with these adorable creatures will leave an everlasting memory to cherish for a lifetime. The park offers a whole range of activities to choose from depending on age and swimming ability. The main attractions include Dolphin Encounter, Dolphin Adventure, Royal Swim, Dolphin Scuba Dive, Dolphin Snorkel, and Dolphin Photo Fun. As part of a guided behind-the-scenes tour of the bay, visitors will also have the opportunity to learn about the medical laboratory, rec room, resident tanks and health regimen for the resident dolphins from the qualified marine mammal advisors.