Since opening in 2003, Brenner Grill has established itself as one of the most famous restaurants in Munich. Individual concepts are implemented in three areas on an area of 800 square metres. The guest is welcomed in a very tasteful and pleasant bar with launch. The ideal place for a short moment of relaxation accompanied by selected coffee variations and a very well sorted cake counter. Of course, exquisite champagnes are offered and barkeepers provide a variety of cocktails. On the way to the main part of the restaurant the guest passes through the second part. A small area for specialities All about pasta. The ambience reminds of a small Italian trattoria. At the end the guest is welcomed by the very imposing main area. A hall is characterised by columns and various decorative elements that are difficult to grasp at first sight. In the back part of the room a large open charcoal grill takes over the room. Several chefs grill everything that can be grilled here. In summer the terrace offers a unique ambience. Large umbrellas and olive trees create a Mediterranean flair like Munich has never existed before. To transform an area of this size and with this room dimensions into a restaurant which creates the perfect atmosphere is truly a masterpiece. Such an undertaking, with these space dimensions, at the best address in Munich as a restaurant simply deserves attention and respect for the entrepreneurs. This can only be the signature of very experienced and bold gastronomes. In this case two names stand for this very ambitious enterprise. Rudi Kull and Albert Weinzierl. Probably the most amazing success story in gastronomy. From a small bar in the city centre, the company developed into one of the largest gastronomy businesses in Munich. A large number of restaurants and hotels are run by Rudi Kull and Albert Weinzierl in a sustainable, professional and completely inconspicuous way.