Brabus Flagship Store KÖ 90


Königsallee 90 in Düsseldorf is the home of the BRABUS flagship store KÖ 90. Since December 2017, the flagship store has been located on one of the most exclusive and well-known shopping miles in Germany. With the name "KÖ90" BRABUS promotes itself as a pioneer in the center of Düsseldorf. Together with the yacht builder and store partner Sunseeker, these were the first companies from these sectors. Visitors will find an extensive range of products in the flagship store of the automobile manufacturer and vehicle tuner. In the middle of Düsseldorf's famous KÖ, there are extravagant vehicles on more than 400 square meters. The exclusive selection includes high-performance automobiles, classic car restorations as well as elegant tuning cars. In addition to BRABUS supercars with a top speed of more than 350 km/h, there are completely redesigned vehicles with a retail value of several million euros. The friendly BRABUS staff strives to provide customers with an individual solution. The noble showroom also features seating areas where BRABUS employees and interested visitors can engage in constructive and exciting discussions.
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