Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE

The Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE is a delightful party experience from day to night. It is only a 20-minute drive from Dubai and about 40 minutes from Abu Dhabi, making it ideal for party-goers in both emirates. The beach is inspired by the Balearic Islands, especially the beaches of Ibiza, hence the name Blue Marlin Ibiza for the club. Ibiza, as a symbol of the wildest party life, inspired the founders of Dubai Blue Marlin. The idea, of course, was to create a slice of Ibiza in this Middle Eastern part of the world. As one of the most stylish and trendy places in this part of the world, Dubai certainly had to justify its prestigious name. Although we are talking about a Muslim country, with a very strict religious policy, the Emirates still strives for the highest level of tourism, and that also means the best nightlife, visited mainly by Europeans and Americans. Long list of desserts, champagne, sangria varieties, cocktails, Blue Marlin Ibiza Special cocktails and non-alcoholic cocktails. You can also dine on the terrace or have brunch on the beach. The chef will prepare some of the most delicious Mediterranean dishes, from oriental and local dishes to Japanese sushi, prepared by authentic sushi masters. Enjoy fantastic meats or fish, sushi, fresh salads, desserts or fruit salads, supported by the best cocktails, and listen to the best music hits from the resident DJ while waiting for a beautiful sunset. There is also a Champagne Brunch, as a special offer, ideal for Saturday or Sunday afternoon, a perfect introduction to the evening party that will follow, when darkness covers the city and the thousands of lights are switched on around you. Blue Marlin Dubai Beach Club embodies the true Ibizan lifestyle, offering the ultimate party experience on Spain's most famous island. Guests embrace the Ibizan spirit with a late breakfast or lazy poolside lunch before taking a dip in the cool, deep blue sea. At sunset, the laid-back beach atmosphere suddenly transforms into a bubbly club. It's a complete relaxation package you'll have all day, before your chill time turns into a deep night and the gambling DJs take the throne. The parties you should attend at Blue Marlin are: BEATS & BRUNCH on Saturdays. Indulge in Mediterranean flavours as our Balearic rhythms and the soothing sounds of the live band Soul Mates Tribute resonate on the shore. Relax with your loved ones and enjoy the good vibes!