Balatoni Cars

The Balatoni car dealership is located in Salzweg, a small community in the Bavarian district of Passau. Not far from the German university town on the border to Austria, the Balatoni car dealership specializes in the sale of luxury vehicles. Visitors will find the car dealership, including its showroom, in Salzweg's industrial park. The excellently rated car dealer takes care of the purchase and sale of vehicles, a considerable proportion of which belong to the luxury segment. A first impression of the new vehicle can be gained during a test drive. Even in front of the Balatoni dealership, eye-catching luxury cars are regularly parked. Vehicles of renowned brands such as Audi, Ferrari, VW, BMW or Mercedes-Benz are lined up in the dealership. Despite its reputation as a luxury car dealership, the dealer from Salzweg near Passau also sells conventional vehicles. Thanks to a wide price range, there is the right offer for every visitor. They can stroll through the showroom at their leisure, take a test drive or ask the car salesman about the technical details of the vehicle.