AMG Performance Center Nuremberg

The AMG Performance Center Nuremberg is located at Kressengartenstraße 14 in Nuremberg. In an industrial area on the southern shore of the Wöhrder See, AMG enthusiasts have the opportunity to admire the luxurious Mercedes-AMG GT S, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 and many other models. The AMG Performance Center Nuremberg is one of only a few AMG Performance Centers in Germany where visitors can enjoy personal attention and admire the high-performance vehicles. The entire building and its furnishings are coherently designed to present the AMG brand. Anyone entering the building will immediately see the first luxury AMG cars. Again and again, there are seating areas that invite visitors to linger in the exhibition hall. The furnishings in the AMG Performance Center Nuremberg are simple. The focus is clearly on the vehicles. The competent employees are always ready for an informative conversation to express their passion about the Mercedes AMG vehicles. During opening hours, the AMG Performance Center Nuremberg can be visited without notice.